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When Experience Counts

Meet Woodrow Borskey. He has been described as a man who "exudes confidence" by those who know him best. While confidence is something that we are born with, experience is something that is gained. Merriam-Webster defines "experience" as practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events or in a particular activity. Woodrow has been participating in arboriculture most of his life. At a young age he began working with his dad, J.C. Borskey who just so happened to be one of Louisiana's first tree surgeons.

Things were much different then. No fancy equipment. Just brute strength and skill. In those early days, the only equipment available was a rope and chainsaw. The truck was loaded by hand, lugging cumbersome blocks of tree piece by piece, until the job was done. Woodrow spent most of his time in the trees. Climbing to the top then cutting and roping down limbs. The work was hard and labor intensive, to say the least.

Some 30+ years later, when asked if he still cuts trees, Woodrow's response is always the same "that's all they will pay me to do". Today, he has grown his business and has been fortunate enough to invest in equipment which make jobs safer for the crew and home owner. The days of loading trucks by hand and roping trees down in small pieces are almost all but a distant memory. But the experience gained from those primitive days is priceless. He understands trees from the roots to the crown. He has seen and done it all. Removals that would frighten most, are his favorite. Experience is key when it comes to the protecting your most valuable investment, your home.

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